About Us

Something Else : Modern Apothecary was founded by someone who suffered from terrible breakouts during his teen years. He tried plenty of methods and products to try and combat it but nothing had really worked safely without the need for prescriptions. He, later on, did some research on active ingredients which are beneficial to the skin and tried 'cocktail-ing' them in one product.

This turned out to be the answers that he has been looking for to help not only reduce the breakouts but also making the skin healthy again. These active ingredients which not only help out with acne breakout but also help sped up the recovery and help lighten those pesky acne scars which can form in 1 out of 2 acne sufferers.

He, later on, did more further analysis and found out not only this 'complex' would be great for combating breakouts, but it also has anti-aging benefits. With his discovery, he is determined to let other people try out his products which can help people who are having skin concerns or just wanting to improve their skin condition to a better state.

Now, we serve super service and top quality products are what we’re all about. We work our hearts out making top notch skincare products from the finest-quality origins and make more importantly making sure our products give what the consumers want, which is healthy skin.